What To Wear Where

Shop The Streets: Central Park

Posted on: January 26, 2011

In the latest segment of our “Shop the Streets” videos, What2WearWhere.com editors headed to chilly Central Park to see what stylish New York women wear for their winter workouts. We asked them about their favorite sports brands, tips and most importantly, how to stay warm when exercising! Even if the cold weather doesn’t get you pumped, see our ladies sportswear selection and where to buy indoor and outdoor athletic apparel from sporty accessories to stylish running shoes.

Like what you see? Shop more What2WearWhere, a digital boutique and blog that helps today’s busy women dress for all of life’s events, sports and travel., while donating 25% of it’s profit to organizations that help women and the environment.

Shopping on the Internet can be overwhelming and time-consuming, and on foot it takes even longer. W2WW’s editors, friends and contributors are a group of fashionable women from around the world, blogging, emailing and tweeting in an effort to provide our readers with the perfect answer to the eternal question, “what to wear?” Assuming the roles of personal shopper and concierge, we hope to take the guesswork out of dressing, the legwork out of the shopping, and the panic out of packing!

Find tips and advice on everything from what to wear to a luncheon, how to dress for an interview, or what to pack for a vacation in the Caribbean, a ski holiday in the Alps or even a countryside stay. Have a specific destination or event in mind? Look no further, just ask us!


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